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6/18/03--New wallpaper in all sections!

10/9/02--Happy birthday, John Lennon!  I have added a new Akane wallpaper in the anime section.

7/18/02--The sky must be falling for I have added a new chapter to my "Untitled" Ranma 1/2 fanfiction.

6/22/02--First update in a while!  I've taken down the movies previously available on my downloads page.  Added a new background in the anime section--Deedlit!

2/10/02--New cels in the Gundam Wing and Western Animation sections.

1/27/02--New cels in every section except the framed ones.  Go!  Look now!

1/23/02--The first update of the new year!  Check the new AMG background featuring Keiichi's little sister, Megumi.

12/31/01--This should be the last update before the new year.  Check out the new Usagi Yojimbo wallpaper. :)

12/28/01--Almost happy new year! :)  I've created two versions of a new Ranma 1/2 wallpaper.  Check 'em out.

12/15/01--Updated the animation cel area.  Check Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Western, Ranma and El Hazard sections for new cels. :)

10/17/01--A new background in the Superhero section:   Superman!

10/7/01--A new background in the Anime section:  Akira.

9/19/01--Check the new Madoka (of KOR) background.

9/3/01--A new Duo cel and Catherine cel posted in the Gundam Wing gallery and a new Makoto scratching Ura's chin in the El Hazard gallery.  Two new backgrounds too!   Emma Frost and Cowboy Bebop!

8/17/01--New cels in the Gundam Wing and Tenchi galleries.

8/15/01--Updating the look of the page again.  Check out the cel gallery, there's lots of new stuff! 

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